How do I connect a new router to my service?

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  1. On the router to be replaced, find the port labled WAN or Internet. The WAN/Internet port should be cabled to the LAN port of the POE.
  2. Disconnect the LAN cable from the WAN/Internetport of the router being replaced.
  3. Locate the WAN/Internet port of the new router. Reconnect the LAN cable to this port.
  4. Configure the new router using DHCP as indicated by the accompanying start-up guide.
  5. Test the connection to verify you are able to access the internet.

**Note: If you are attempting to install a new device that has not been authorized on your account, your device will not connect to the internet. Please contact Customer Care Support at 888-FIB-AIR8 or by emailing us at for completion. **

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