Best High Speed Internet Package

Get ready for more potential, more opportunity and more of everything you expect from your area Internet Service Provider (ISP).

To clarify all our plans are Unlimited Data without any hidden fees.

In addition our Internet Service is Fiber backed providing High Speed ultra-low latency connections.

Moreover we utilize the latest 5Ghz wireless technology, making us a leading WISP.

Residential Basic Internet

Residential Basic Internet
  • Unlimited Data
  • 25 Mbps / 6 Mbps No Limit
  • 3.125 MB per second Download
  • Prices shown do not include any applicable taxes.
usd 50 /mo

Residential Advanced Internet

Residential Advanced Internet
  • Unlimited Data
  • 50 Mbps / 12 Mbps
  • 6.25 MB per second Download
  • Prices shown do not include any applicable taxes.
usd 95 /mo

Residential Pro Internet

Residential Pro Internet
  • Unlimited Data
  • 100 Mbps / 24 Mbps
  • 11.92 MB per second Download
  • Prices shown do not include any applicable taxes.
usd 125 /mo

We are expanding our coverage area!

Now anywhere in the Richland Chambers Lake area, you can access our High Speed Broadband Fixed Wireless Network.

In addition we offer the lowest prices for the most bandwidth in the area! Further we will match any competitors plans!

We Are

a leading internet service provider in Texas

To get started with 1iSolution, please go over all of our High Speed plans to let our operators know which Internet Service works for you the best!

We guarantee high-quality customer support service with every high-speed connection.

Enjoy fun family nights and loud friends parties at your place!

Everything you could want from your Internet Service Provider!

It is our mission to be the Best Internet Service Provider!




Pricing, terms and offers are subject to change and discontinuance without notice. All services are not available in all areas. Service is limited to the coverage area of 1iSolution wireless network via line of sight.


Residential and Business plan speeds are determined by the particular plan’s maximum speed.

Distance limitations of wireless routers, number of devices On Net, size, and type of downloads and uploads all may affect speeds.

Speeds for downloads and uploads may vary due to these factors and others.


Unless a custom installation is pre-determined, all installation service is limited to one location within the home at no more than 100 feet from the 1iSolution Subscriber Module (SM).

Subscriber Module (SM)

The SM placement will be determined by a qualified installer. Additional installation, equipment, equipment rental, or other charges may apply if it is required to gain an unobstructed line of sight to 1iSolution’s tower.

3' to 10' tripods available if additional height is required for mounting the subscriber module.

Additional equipment may also be necessary for specialized roofing materials such as tile or metal roofs.

We sell and install towers for customers that want a clear line of sight and optimal Internet Service.